The Illegal Pet Trade

Every year thousands of primates lose their lives as their forest home is destroyed and many more die in the illegal pet trade before they even reach the marketplace.

Lar gibbon for sale

Siamang at Yogykarata Sultan's Palace

Every year hundreds of thousands of animals are caught from the wild and smuggled into the illegal pet trade.

Sun bear for sale

Gibbon at Borobodur

Gibbons are caught by shooting the mother and taking the infant from the body of the mother when she falls to the ground. If the infant survives this, he then faces a long and stressful journey to the market. The infant may survive the killing of his mother but the lack of care and inadequate food in the market may also kill him. It is estimated that for every 1 gibbon that you see in a market, at least 3 other gibbons have died: 2 mothers and 1 infant. This is a huge loss of life.


PLEASE if you see any endangered wild animal being sold anywhere in the world please contact TRAFFIC – the wildlife trade monitoring network. PLEASE do not buy the animals, even if you want to bring them to a rescue centre. This will only encourage the hunters to collect more animals. Take notes on the location of the shop and which animals were for sale. PLEASE do not attempt to rescue the animal yourself, contact the authorities. PLEASE do not have your photo taken with exotic animals, this is funding the illegal pet trade. Please help to stop the suffering of animals in the illegal trade.