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Volunteering is a once in a lifetime experience

We are always very grateful to OuTrop volunteers. They contribute to scientific research whilst having an unforgettable trip…

Volunteer and Staff in the forest 

“Like an excited kid at Christmas, that night I woke up nearly every hour, checking the time in anticipation. Finally it was 4:30 and we were off…
… Sitting underneath an orangutan nest, waiting for her to awake, and surrounded by the songs of gibbons and birds, was indescribable.”

” So far the experience is proving to be invaluable. Between the fieldwork experience, speaking with the scientists working here and learning from the Indonesian guys working here (their knowledge of the forest is incredible), it is a very worthwhile endeavour for anybody who wants to learn the trade or just give a helping hand to the project.”

The above quotes are from OuTrop volunteers. OuTrop wonder whether YOU will be one of these people for 2013?!

From any background and of any age, OuTrop need volunteers to help us collect research data, which is vital for ensuring effective conservation in the region. We have a long-term on-going programme of research, monitoring orangutans,  gibbons and red langur density and behaviourwild catsforest biodiversity; and forest condition and regeneration. Our forest and biodiversity research yields particularly large volumes of data, the collection of which wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of volunteer researchers. We use these results to provide feedback on the state of the habitat, report on problems and assess the effectiveness or otherwise of conservation programmes. We need intelligent, fit, enthusiastic individuals to join our team and help us collect these vital data. Research by students on the project also enables the completion of important studies that may not otherwise be undertaken, dramatically increasing our research output and impact. 

Sometimes camp gets busy – lots of work gets done!

For OuTrop members, the challenging seven-week programme of field research is an experience no one will forget. Providing you with experience which will make you stand out and with opportunities to undertake your own research project.  We provide you with training in field methods, a perfect window into a career as a conservation biologist. Volunteering with us can serve as a great career platform: many of our past volunteers now work in conservation or related fields.
Our volunteer programme has been running since 2001 and is a focus for local conservation efforts, providing much-needed employment and financial benefits for the local community and replacing illegal logging as the main activity and source of income in the northern Sabangau Forest. A limited number of volunteer places are available each year to participate in the research programmes of the Forest Research and Ecological Monitoring Research teams. Our programme is particularly suited to recent graduates or undergraduates wishing to gain fieldwork experience in a tropical forest environment, although our previous volunteers have come from all walks of life! A willingness to work long hours in the field, a good level of fitness and enthusiastic demeanor are essential, and basic biological/ecological knowledge is advantageous. There are also several opportunities for students to undertake research for part of their undergraduate honours project or post graduate masters thesis. While the majority of our work is biological in nature, opportunities in other areas may exist, and we encourage all potential students to contact us and discuss ideas.

We accept two groups of volunteers a year. In 2013, one group will start on the 7th of July, the other from the 29th of September – will you be one of them? We are now taking applications!
 Please apply here!