Cats of Sabangau – new publication by Adul


Recently our camera trapping coordinator, Adul, presented a poster to the OuTrop team about the 7 years of camera trapping data we have. Yes 7 years!

He highlighted some interesting results. The four species have clearly defined activity budgets, especially the smaller cats, to allow niche partitioning. We have identified this forest block as an important area for numbers of all four species in the global context of cat populations. The bay cat (Pardofelis badia (kucing merah) has not been found in tropical peat-swamp forest at time of writing.
Marbled cat
At present, population numbers for the small cats are estimates only and are the subject of further work; Peat-Swamp Forest habitat is critical to preserve populations of the four felid species.
In September 2015, thanks to funding from the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquaria Holly Reed Conservation Fund, we will be investigating these small cats in more detail.

You can read Adul’s paper for free here