Playing Wildeverse: Killing boredom with Wildeverse!


“My name is Nanda (29), I am a housewife and have 2 children. Every day I work at home to look after and care for my children. I am often bored and confused with what to do when all my housework has been done.

Last week, my friend suggested to download a newly launched Augmented Reality game called Wildeverse. It is a mobile phone game about wildlife conservation, and there are several types of primate characters to find in the game, including Orangutans, Gibbons, and even Gorillas.”
According to Nanda, her favorite character is Fio the Orangutan, because she is cute. “Her face is funny, and when she moves it’s easier scan around to see her.” Searching for fruit for food and traces of feces are not too difficult, and can easily be played from home.

All primates that now become characters of Wildeverse game: Fio, Chilli, Buka and Aida
Character artwork designed Internet of Elephant

Chilli, Buka, and Aida are quite difficult to scan and find. Sometimes I have to search in the yard, the car garage, and the kitchen to find them. So far it’s been very fun, I play with my children while explaining to them the different types of primates and we like watching them in the forest,” she added.

“Playing games with my children in a current stay-home situation is safer than playing outside. Since the Covid-19 virus outbreak, we always play in the house to be safe, and playing this game has helped to alleviate our boredom. In less than 2 weeks since launching, me and the children were able to complete the entire game.”

Hedwig Sallis, who is also a housewife, plays the game with her daughter Gematala, often after finishing breakfast while spending their morning sunbathing.

“Me and Gematala usually play when sunbathing in the morning around 10-11am. We search around every room in the house to look for every clue. Gematala was excited to look for Fio the Orangutan, “she said.

Hedwig said this game is good for introducing children to learn and observe the behavior of primates, especially orangutans without having to go to the forest directly.

“The game looks interesting because it uses Augmented Reality (AR), can be played indoors and outdoors, and features real apes in Borneo. You play a wildlife scientist and go on a mission to find the apes, gather footprints, food, and poop, to discover what it takes to conserve apes and the last wild spaces they call home, “she said.

Wildeverse screen view by Nanda and Hedwig. They did a mission to find Fio and collect fruit in the virtual forest from their home.