Internet and Social Media Training


This year OuTrop’s Communications Team organised internet training for the field staff. The training is divided into 4 groups starting at 9 am and finishes around 3 pm and almost all the field staff have now participated. The staff were very pleased with the training and the chance to learn more about our social media work.

Thesubject matter begins with basic training on what is the Internet? Ease of what we might be able to learn the internet, how to search for information with existing searchengines such as; Google, Mozilla, etc. Participants were alsointroduced to a variety of social media usedby various groups for many purposes such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The wise use of social mediais important so participants were informed about the rules and policies of social media. In addition they were also taught about the email and its usesand how to communicate through skype, so thatthey can understandthat the Internet can connect us with a lot of people around the world.
Participants were not only given a theory course but they were also required to practice directly. This training is expected to provide great benefits in life and their work everyday. OuTrop encourages all field staff to have access to all the information and technology available, even though they work in the forest, but they can also update their knowledge of the information out there.


One of trainees, Adul, said of all the lessons learned he liked the email session best because he thinks that sending report documents can bevery easy andfast and removes the need to travel from camp totown (OuTrop’s office) just to give reportsas this could be done with email. He is hoping to come to another training internetso that he can better understand more about the internet.