The synergy of BNF and Schools in Mungku Baru Village through Environmental Education

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Written by Dwi Riyan (BNF Education Manager)

Education has a very important role in improving the quality of human resources. Therefore, there is no limitation in providing education, including area restrictions, as well as information and communication technologies that may also be obstacles.
Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) is committed to providing environmental education without limits. One of the programs implemented and will continue to be developed is the Environmental Education program in Mungku Baru Village, Rakumpit District in Palangka Raya City. Although it is not too far (3 hours in total) to reach the village, Mungku Baru requires more attention related to limited access to communication also transportation, especially during the dry season.

This does not make us less-enthusiastic to provide the best quality of environmental education in Mungku Baru. With the extraordinary and beautiful landscapes, has made Mungku Baru a guarantee for our environment that can continue to supply a lot of oxygen to humans. The exotic flora and fauna and the beauty of the natural balance are also the main attractions to maintain the natural richness of Mungku Baru.

In collaboration with local schools in Mungku Baru, BNF’s education team designed educational activities in consideration of local wisdom there. In July, we conducted a socialization program with school teachers in Mungku Baru regarding plans to be carried out until the end of the year. All participants of the socialization agreed to run this programme and cooperatively actualize the best method for their schools.

Imam, the Teacher at 9 Palangka Raya High School revealed that they strongly support this kind of activity. “In general, we support this activity, of course. Hopefully, at the end of this year’s program, there is something we can see, for example, there are trees planting to greening the school environment,” he said.

BNF education team prepared program characteristics were prepared at each level. For High Schools (SMA) the BNF Education Team will work closely with Dr Wendy Erb who is a researcher from Cornell University from the USA who will carry out bioacoustic integration in the learning process. Whereas Junior High Schools (SMP) will raise the concept of direct learning by involving the BNF field team who are locals. Finally For Elementary Schools (SD) the theme of playing, learning, art and craft, as a method for transferring environmental education to children.

It is hoped that this environmental education can be engraved in the daily lives of students in Mungku Baru. In the long-term, these students are then expected to be the pioneers in the preservation of the environment, forest, flora and fauna in their own village.

Education team with the teachers of schools in Mungku Baru Village