Hello from Borneo: Meet Bima our new education staff

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Written by Chandra Bimantara (BNF’s Education Staff)

Chandra Bimantara, BNF’s education staff

Education and nature adventure are the things I love most in my life. I love getting along with children and exploring new places as well as new cultures. Many people say, make your passion your paycheck. Therefore, I am grateful to be one of them. So here I am, a new BNF Education Staff, Bima.

Anyway, this is the very first time step on the land of Borneo. And yes, I fell in love with this beautiful place. Pretty quiet, neat, clean, not too much pollution, and its great sky landscape during the twilight.
Moreover, I love doing environmental education in several schools both in the city and in remote areas with my moodbooster, the education team. I also like to invite local and international children to visit the research camp in the Sabangau Forest to study with the researchers (my fave one!). I’m very excited about those things.
Before joining BNF, I worked with the Ministry of Education and Culture for a Compulsory Completion Project in Madura and Merauke, Papua. Feeling connected with educational activities, I went back to Indonesia Mengajar program to become a young education facilitator in a remote area in North Aceh for one year. Since then, I’ve decided to take a part in the education sector.

The new journey at BNF is perfecting my journey in getting to know more about the beauty of Indonesia’s natural and cultural diversity, as well as the accomplishment of my contribution to Indonesia’s education in a fun way.

I do believe, I will have a great story to tell. Not about me, but about them, something I’ll meet later. So, stay tuned for the coming up story!

Bima teach Anak Sabangau
Photo by Petricia A. Hutasoit/BNF