Strengthening collaboration in the management of the Sebangau Peat-Swamp Forest


Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) has been working in the Sebangau Forest since 1999 when we started studying the orangutan population in this area (our longest-running programme). Through this research, we identified that Sebangau Forest is home to the largest orangutan population in lowland Borneo, bringing the region to the forefront of orangutan conservation and resulting in the National Park status in 2004.

Last week BNF officially signed a Collaborative Agreement with Sebangau National Park (BTNS). This agreement serves to consolidate and develop our relationship and collaboration towards our common goal of preserving the biodiversity in Sebangau National Park and strengthen the joint conservation efforts.

The chairman of the board of BNF and the head of Sebangau National Park signed the collaborative agreement
Photo by Edwin Shri Bimo | BNF

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Board of BNF, Juliarta Bramansa Ottay, and the head of BTNS, Andi Muhammad Kadhafi, S.Hut, M.Si. The agreement cemented the commitment of both parties in the partnership to further the field of research, conservation, education, capacity building, and ecotourism in Sebangau National Park. “This is a step forward to our successful collaboration. Our next objective is to identify the (population) density of orangutans in several areas for zoning purposes, especially around the Koran river, so that we can designate a core protected zone in the area with the greatest orangutan density. It is also important to identify suitable areas for ecotourism development, as previously the zoning system was based solely on the depth of peat,” said Andi Muhammad Kadhafi.

Kadhafi further emphasized, “we will soon hold intensive meetings to follow up on our plans; We intend this to become a 5-year work plan”

All staffs of BNF and Sebangau National Park
Photo by Ahmad Fauzi | BNF

The signing ceremony was also attended by BNF International Co-Director and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of BNF Indonesia, Simon Husson, as well as all heads of sections and staff of Sebangau National Park accompanied by BNF Managers.

BNF hopes that this collaboration and partnership can provide further benefits to both parties and all stakeholders working in the Sebangau National Park in achieving our shared vision of conserving the biodiversity of flora and fauna, particularly key and critically endangered species of Sebangau forest.

Research, education and conservation activities in Sebangau
Photo by Duncan Murrell | BNF | LLG UPT CIMTROP