Seeking Solutions: Students come together at the GIN Youth Conference Bali


Last weekend Suzanne Turnock, BNF’s Communications Development Manager, joined a Global Issues Network (GIN) youth conference in Bali to lead a student workshop.

Suzanne Turnock lead the environment workshop

GIN is an opportunity for high school students to come together, share ideas and create solutions for global issues. GIN conferences are student-led and supported by school communities all over the world. These conferences empower and inspire students to take action against issues they care about with the hope that they will become leaders and change-makers of the future.

This year 230 students from all over Asia were welcomed at Canggu Community School between 2-4 March for GIN Bali. The theme of this GIN conference was ‘Seeking Solutions: Meeting Global Challenges in a Changing World’. Although the issues discussed can feel overwhelming, such as plastic pollution in our oceans and climate change, the students were positive, committed and determined to find practical solutions which could change the way the future will unfold.

Suzanne’s workshop encouraged the students to seek solutions for protecting the rainforests and wildlife on Borneo. The students first heard from Suzanne about the importance of Borneo’s biodiversity and the threats it is facing. This was followed by a brainstorming session were the students generated ideas for how we can save the rainforest. It became apparent that this is no easy task and a lot of resources, people and activities are needed to ensure the rainforest is protected. However, despite the big task at hand, it was agreed by all that we need to act now if we are going to save the rainforests.

Students separate into groups discussion

An important part of the workshop was also to discuss how we as individuals can contribute to rainforest conservation. The students came up with ideas, including donating to conservation organisations, raising awareness on social media, using our own expertise or skills to support projects and ensuring the products we buy and consume do not have a detrimental effect on the rainforest or the environment.

A total of 55 students joined Suzanne’s workshops over two days. It is our hope that the students will return to their schools with a commitment to take action, and use the knowledge and skills they gained during the workshop and other conference activities.

Together with Bina Cita Utama School, Borneo Nature Foundation will be hosting the second GIN Kalimantan youth conference later this year; taking place from 7-9 September 2018. We welcome all schools to join us in Borneo for GIN Kalimantan, where we will be taking global issues to the heart of the matter. (ST)

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