Local businesses & individuals raise vital funds for BNF’s Reforestation Programme


At the start of November, Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) hosted a fundraising event called ‘Helping Hands’ in Ubud, Bali, for two bold missions.

First, to raise funds to reforest burnt and logged areas of the Sebangau Forest; home to a large population of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans (over 6,000 individuals) and other vulnerable species whose lives heavily depend on this forest.

Second, the funds raised will also be used to establish new community seedling nurseries, which will be built in villages near Sebangau. This new project will expand and enhance reforestation efforts to restore Sebangau, create small-scale green economies and jobs for local communities, and engage more people in rainforest conservation.


BNF’s Suzanne Turnock talking about the issues threatening the survivial of the Bornean orangutan. Photo by Dhananjaya Dewaday | Borneo Nature Foundation


During the event BNF’s Suzanne Turnock gave a talk about our reforestation efforts and shared with guests how funds from this event will be used to affect real change on the ground in Borneo. Guests were also entertained with live music from Yoyok and Friends, and artwork from one of Australia’s leading contemporary realist artists, John Forrest, as well as artwork that was specially commissioned for the event, were auctioned.

The fundraiser was attended by 65 people who made generous donations to support the work of BNF. Together with local businesses and individuals who participated in the event, BNF successfully raised a total of 33 million Rupiah (US $2,235), which is the equivalent of planting over 2,200 trees.


Funds raised at the Helping Hands event will support our reforestation programme in the Sebangau Forest and the development of Community Seedling Nurseries in local villages. Photo by Pau Brugues Sintes | Borneo Nature Foundation


The plural of ‘hands’ denote that this event was neither individually organised nor was it handled by BNF alone, rather it was a collective effort by those who share the same vision with us.

As we’re all aware, the majestic forests of Borneo have long been damaged due to logging, fires and land conversion for agricultural purposes. We need healthy forests to sustain the balance in the ecosystem. Deforestation not only seriously threatens the existence of mankind, but also causes the loss of beautiful wildlife in their forest home.

For the aforementioned reason, we realise that we can’t work alone to save the forest – we need ‘helping hands’ to work with us. We’re honored to be supported by TRI Upcycle, Dumbo, Clear Cafe, Plaga Wine, Bali Yoga Shop, Yoga Barn, Kebun Bistro, Moksa, Cupit BBQ, David Metcalf Photography and Pelangi School, who have played an important part, behind the scenes, contributing to the success of this event. A big thank you from the BNF team!

Would you like to host a fundraising event on behalf of BNF? E-mail us at info@borneonature.org to chat more!