Georgia to enter new role as a mother


Georgia, a wild adult female orangutan in the Sebangau peat-swamp forest, is reportedly found pregnant. Recently, the first child of Gracia (the mother) has been isolating herself and tends to live independently separating herself from her two siblings; Gara, and Gretel. This unusual behaviour has attracted our scientists to find out why she behaves out of her ordinary.

Gracia’s first child, Georgia, to enter new role as a mother with her pregnancy
Photo by Tommy Travers Cook | BNF | CIMTROP

Our primate scientists come up with the Georgia’s pregnancy statement after having tested the urine that they collected after several follows to the 14 year-old Georgia in the Sebangau peat-swamp forest. The team then used the same pregnancy test kit similar to human in order to find out if Georgia is really pregnant because lately she looks quite slow and spends more time resting.

Having tested the sample, all the team members got so excited. The pregnancy is evidenced by the positive indicator on the test kit showing that Georgia is now pregnant and will soon be a matriarch of her own stepping into a new role as a mother.

Our Orangutan Project Coordinator, Azis, recently informed us that he and his team predict that it must have been Doyle, a giant male orangutan in Sabangau, as the one Georgia was mating with last July. Azis also added that Sabangau is currently entering the fruit season making fruits available everywhere in the forest which is an ideal situation for Georgia’s first pregnancy.

This is a good news from the Sebangau forest considering this charismatic ape has long birth interval that could reach from 7-10 years. Once the baby born, a female orangutan will tend to live her life alone with her offspring for a quite long time until this baby grows up and lives independently. The pregnancy not only makes Georgia entering new role as matriarch of her own but it also spans Gracia’s legacy in Sebangau forest.


Do you have any name to suggest for Georgia’s baby?