Escape into the ‘Wildeverse’


We’re really proud to announce that Borneo Nature Foundation is featured in a wildlife conservation mobile game called ‘Wildeverse‘, which has been released around the world.

The new game uses Augmented Reality for players to protect the last jungles of the world and the endangered apes who call it their home.



Internet of Elephants, also known as “animal-loving gaming geeks”, have been working in partnership with Borneo Nature Foundation, Goualougo Triangle Ape Foundation, Zoo Atlanta and Chester Zoo over the past 2 years to create Wildeverse.

A team from Internet of Elephants visited our conservation projects and met with BNF staff in Sebangau Forest back in 2018.

They were inspired by what they saw and who they met.

As a result, the wildlife we are working to protect and the conservationists who work tirelessly to protect them are now stars of the game. All characters that you will meet in the game, human and non-human, are real and the storylines are authentic.


BNF Scientist, Eka, is a character in Wildeverse [Photo: Duncan Murrell | BNF | UPT LLG CIMTROP]


Wildeverse can be played outdoors or from the comfort of your home – more than ever, people need alternative ways to connect with nature.

You can play a wildlife scientist, go on a mission to find the apes, gather animal footprints, food and poop, and discover what it takes to protect apes and the rainforest.

The game was created because of increasing pressures on the habitat of wildlife, and disconnection between nature and many people living in urban areas. Apes are our closest relatives and their numbers are dwindling fast. We need more people to be aware of the issues and to encourage positive actions to protect critically endangered species.


Encounter Fio the orangutan and Chilli the gibbon from Sebangau Forest in Borneo, Buka the gorilla and Aida the chimpanzee from Congo – all real apes living in the wild. These apes were selected for their compelling life stories and quirky personalities.


Want to play?

1. Download the game from the App Store or Google Play – it’s free and accessible to anyone with a recent smartphone, no extra hardware required.
2. Join the crew of wildlife scientists to protect four real apes living in Borneo and Congo
3. Share your experience online using the hashtag #EntertheWildeverse
4. We’d love to hear what you think! Please leave a review and rating about the app

Enjoy the game and get ready to #EntertheWildeverse!