Deepest condolences to our partner Sebangau National Park


BNF are sending our deepest condolences to our partners at Sebangau National Park for their loss of members of staff due to a boat accident on the 9th March 2020.

Accident chronology:
In order to prepare for the arrival of the visit from the Dutch LHK and RRB ministers, the team from Sebangau left for the Bowl Resort on the 9th March 2020. The same day, the Indonesia Presidential Security Forces (Paspampres) team did a security check at the Mangkok Resort in preparation for the visit of the Royal Netherlands RRB.

The accident occurred on the Sebangau River between the speedboats of the Sebangau National Park (BTNS) and the Paspampres team. The two boats crashed on the bend of the Sebangau River, as the BTNS were going to the Mangkok Resort, and Paspampres were leaving.

The chief of the Kapuas and the Lieutenant Colonel of the Mine were found dead at 15:30.
At 16:20 Forest Police from BTNS was found dead.
At 18:00 Mutiara and Novi from BTNS were found dead.
At 18:10 Yudistira (Ayip) and Urothus were found dead.
At 18:30 Mansyah, a member of Manggala Agni BTNS found.