Commemorate National Nature Conservation Day


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Nagara Rimba Nusa, Caring for Civilization, Protecting Nature”

On the 10th August 2020, Sebangau National Park (BTNS) together with the Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF), Clean Action Community, Maju Mandiri Community Group, and MPA Kereng Bengkirai (fire-fighting communities) conducted an operation to clean up litter in the Kereng Bengkirai Jetty, Palangka Raya. This action is to commemorate National Nature Conservation Day (HKAN).

“Today is the peak of HKAN activities. The theme this time is Nagara Rimba Nusa, Caring for Civilization, Protecting Nature. This activity is a form of maintaining cleanliness, with the COVID-19 pandemic situation we will be able to better maintain our cleanliness and health in the surrounding environment and the conservation environment,” said the Head of the TNS Center, Andi Muhammad Kadhafi.

Head of the Sebangau National Park, Andi Muhammad Kadhafi

According to Andi, cleaning the Kereng Bengkirai Jetty will increase tourist visits during the post-pandemic period, especially to TNS, which will gradually aid economic recovery. In addition, this event is also a form of instilling awareness to keep the environment clean.

“We take care of our civilization, we take care of our clean culture so that we protect nature, so that the environment and especially TNS can still be sustainable for our children and grandchildren. The hope is also that the community’s support to protect the national park will increase, especially the support from BNF who teach the Sebangau Rangers, who will later be the generation who will protect TNS,” he added.

In addition, MPA Kereng Bengkirai Coordinator, Aditya said, that many people also participated in this event as a form of personal awareness to maintain cleanliness in the Kereng Bengkirai Jetty area. Dozens of residents also volunteered to help the event participants to take plastic waste around the pier using their fishing nets.

“As MPA Kereng Bengkirai, apart from protecting the area from fire, we also maintain cleanliness because this is a tourist spot and an entrance to the TNS, so if it looks dirty and shabby, no visitors will be interested anymore,” he said.

Aditya hopes that visitors will also not litter around Kereng Bengkirai Jetty because there are enough trash bins provided. If the environment is clean, visitors will also be happy that there is no trash disrupting the view.

BNF staff together with members of the Kereng Bengkirai MPA at Kereng Bengkirai Pier on National Nature Conservation Day
Photo by Yohanes Prahara | BNF