BNF orangutan discovery features in BBC series ‘Earth’s Tropical Islands’


This coming January, BNF will feature in BBC’s new series ‘Earth’s Tropical Islands’. The 3-part tv series, airing from 1 – 3 January 2020, explores some of the world’s most isolated and iconic tropical islands – Madagascar, Borneo and Hawaii.

The second episode, broadcast on 2 January, will take you on a journey through Borneo’s varied habitats, revealing a staggering diversity of life. During the episode, you will see two familiar faces, Twenti and Santi from the BNF Field Team. Follow them through Sebangau Forest as they reveal an incredible orangutan discovery by BNF researchers.

Take a first peek at the Borneo episode below (the video can only be viewed from the UK):



BNF UK Co-Directors, Dr Helen Morrogh-Bernard and Simon Husson, have also written an article about orangutan conservation and sustainable palm oil to accompany the series. Read more on the BBC website here.

For further information and to watch more stunning clips from the series, check out the Earth’s Tropical Islands website.

If you are in the UK, don’t miss it! BBC2, 9pm on 2 January 2020.