BNF Launched Natura


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BNF successfully launched its first edition of Natura at the end of October 2020. Natura is a magazine owned by BNF which is planned to be published every three months in print and online.

The purpose of this magazine is to publish BNF activities and work within a period of time, as well as disseminate BNF ideas and research results into one publication in a popular writing style so that it is easily understood by the audience.

The magazine concept was chosen because this platform was deemed appropriate to accommodate BNF’s need for periodical media, which not only contains brief news and activities, but can also accommodate ideas, ideas, and research results that are presented concise, lightly, popularly, without loss its aspects of factuality, actuality, and depth.

BNF Magz content consists of cover stories (main reports) or headlines, rubrics, columns, spot news, and sundries, with the concept of text in the form of news, opinion, and features, supported by appropriate visual content (photos, infographics, and illustrations).

The main topic of this first edition raised is “Preventing Forest Fires”. With the massive scale of its impact, forest and land fires are hard to deny as the biggest natural disaster threat in Central Kalimantan. Now is the right time to remind all parties to build integrated steps and anticipation so that this disaster in the future does not repeat itself on a scale that is always massive.

So, enjoy reading this magazine.

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