BNF donated hundreds of N95 masks


At present the level of Covid 19 sufferers in Central Kalimantan is increasing, therefore the number of medical personnel who have to treat patients must be increased. However, the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) especially masks that meet the standards is very minimal.

Therefore, Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) took the initiative to donate a number of N95 masks suitable for use by medical personnel. The activity was carried out on April 20-21 2020 to Awal Bross Betang Pambelum Hospital and Doris Sylvanus Regional Hospital.

“We have a good relationship with several hospitals in Palangka Raya, the current condition is that Palangka Raya itself is very lacking in masks, especially the N95 type for use by medical personnel, therefore we donated some of these masks and also as a form of humanity,” said the Deputy Director of BNF Indonesia, Yunsiska Ermiasi.

Yunsiska Ermiasi and Estri Wiwin Mudha as representative of BNF donated hundreds of N95 masks to Awal Bross Betang Pambelum Hospital

According to Siska, all parties must contribute to the fight against Covid-19, one of which is by supporting the performance of the medics as the spearhead against the pandemic. Support can be in any form, such as prioritizing the use of N95 masks for medical personnel.

“The availability of N95 is very rare, so medical personnel must take as a priority first. We as a society can wear other masks such as cloth masks because they can be washed and used several times while for medical use are disposable,” she said.

This was revealed by Head of Marketing at Bross Betang Pambelum Hospital, Fredi Simamora, the mask that best meets the medical standards is the type of N95 produced by 3M. As recommended by the government, ordinary people actually just use ordinary masks.

“We contacted a number of partners/organisations, such as BNF, to request N95 masks in exchange for regular masks used by the public. We received 160 masks from BNF,” he said.

The same thing was also confirmed by the Deputy Director of Doris Sylvanus Regional Hospital, Dr. Theodorus Sapta Atmaja, currently, the number of patients is increasing and the need for safety of medical personnel must be increased.

“We thank BNF for the assistance of 130 N95 masks, these masks are very useful for all our medical staff who are dealing with Covid-19. We also hope that more people and NGOs will do the same to support us against this pandemic,” he said. (YP)

Estri Wiwin and Verawati as representative of BNF donated hundreds of N95 masks to Doris Sylvanus Hospital