BIYC 2020 “Creating Kindness Campaign”


Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF), in collaboration with Bina Cita Utama (BCU) School, hosted the second Borneo Initiatives Youth Camp (BIYC) 2020 on 28 February – 1 March at the Rungan Sari Complex, Palangka Raya, Central Borneo.

The participants came from BCU School Palangka Raya, BNF Education Programmes, BINUS Simprug Jakarta, Green School Bali, Peachblossom School Bekasi, SMAN 1 Palangka Raya, SMAN 2 Palangka Raya and SMAN 4 Palangka Raya.

BIYC is held with the intention of spreading knowledge, sharing experiences and inspiring young people to find practical solutions to the global issues that concern them. The themes raised included “Be Nice to Each Other”, “Campaigns to Create Good” and “Be Good to the Environment”.


Creating a kindness campaign workshop with Bjorn Vaughn
Photo by Yohanes Prahara | BNF


During the 3-day youth camp, 70 participants gained new knowledge and experience through presentations, hands-on learning, cultural experiences, group discussions and trips to visit local conservation and educational projects.

In the series of events, the participants were invited to make a campaign about kindness, and also about the environment, through the creation of videos and photos that were presented on the last night.

All participants also joined one of three sessions during the first day of the event: ‘Jungle Food Adventure’, ‘Cycling Adventure’ and learning how to play traditional Dayak instruments during the ‘Modern Ethnic Song Medley’ workshop.

In addition, participants took part in a river cruise along the Rungan River to visit BOSF Nyaru Menteng to see the rehabilitated orangutans, and also visited ‘Ransel Buku’, a community library and resource centre in a nearby village.

On the last night, whilst being entertained by the Bellacoustic band, participants shared their experiences of BIYC 2020. In addition, they also demonstrated their ability to play traditional Dayak musical instruments, a skill that they obtained during the camp.

Hopefully, this positive activity can produce a generation that shares kindness towards others and the environment, and also begins to raise awareness on global issues. (YP)