Our annual volunteer programme turns sweet sixteen!


Every year since 2001 we have welcomed volunteers from around the globe to the Borneo rainforest. A place like nowhere else in the world. Here, over 280 volunteers have assisted with our conservation and research projects to help achieve our goal of protecting Borneo’s unique and diverse wildlife and beautiful forests.

Volunteers have played a very important role in our activities. Without them we would not have been able to achieve many of our project outcomes. Volunteers help to collect vital data, which provides feedback on forest condition, allowing us to report on any issues and assess the effectiveness of our conservation activities.

Our volunteers gain experience on the frontline of conservation; restoring damaged forests, discovering species in unexplored forests, carrying out habitat surveys and trekking through the peat-swamp to follow wild orangutans. This is a hands-on, educational experience as volunteers have the opportunity to learn about habitat and biodiversity monitoring, as well as gaining a range of forest skills. Working side by side with our Indonesian and international team of field assistants and scientists, we hope volunteers have an experience of a lifetime!

Many of our previous volunteers have returned to work with us in Borneo as long-term research assistants or have gone on to careers and further research in biodiversity conservation. We hope to open a window to a career in conservation and provide a “step in the door” for many aspiring conservationists, biologists and wildlife-enthusiasts.

BNF_Bernat Ripoll_KHDTK expedition 2016 (5)

As we go into our 16th year of the volunteer programme, you can join us for 6-weeks in the exciting, challenging, inspiring Borneo rainforest. All the information you need is on our website here and if you have any questions then please email us at join@borneonature.org