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Conservation and Community co-operation
Large dams have built around the world to generate electricity. At what cost? There is much research to show cases of large dams having major impact on local biodiversity, for example this case in Panama and Costa Rica.
The Bruno Manser Fund has learned that a delegation of Sarawak natives will tour Australia in November to inform the Australian media, NGOs, politicians, corporate actors and the general public on the Sarawak government’s controversial dam plans and the detrimental role played by Australian companies within these plans – roles that are often ignored by the greater public. 

Habitat worth protecting; SE Asian Forest

The Bruno Manser Fund is committed to maintaining the threatened tropical rainforests with their rich plant and animal life, and to campaigning, in particular, for the rights of the peoples who inhabit the rainforests. They work on projects in Malaysia and projects & campaigns in Europe, especially in Switzerland. They also importantly contribute to publicly accessible documentation, via their document centre at the organisation’s headquarters in Basel.

There is a list of public events on this tour, so if you are in Australia, find out more by contacting Adam. Adam Burling is the former collaborator of Australian Greens leader and can be reached at or
Interested Journalists, NGOs and Volunteers (that means YOU) can get involved to help prepare this important tour which will be coordinated by Adam Burling. 
It is planned that the Sarawak delegation will hold meetings with the following Australian companies that are involved in the dam plans: 

  • Snowy Mountains Engineering Company SMEC (Canberra)
  • GHD (Sydney)
  • Hydro Tasmania (Hobart)

The delegation will visit the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Launceston (Tasmania) and Hobart in Australia, all between 21st November and the first week of December. 
Get involved in conserving rainforest and the local communities that live there!
Conservation in Education
The new AZA Orangutan SSP Conservation Education Website is now live at  . This is a perfect resource for teachers, scout leaders, and anyone who needs quality information for educating the younger generations about the fantastic species OuTrop help research and protect. Educating and raising the awareness of struggles that orangutans face and the threats to their SE Asian home is vital. We need to encourage everyone to take action to save them.  
Resources are being added regularly so keep up to date. For more information you can contact Sandi Linn, Education Development and Orangutan SSP Education Advisor/Liaison at Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

See OuTrop resources here, including their specific forest and orangutan research.