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Primate Field Scientist: Gibbon and Red Langur Projects

BNF is looking for a new Field Scientist to help oversee its pioneering Gibbon and Red Langur research projects in the Sabangau research station in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. The successful candidate will work together with the Project Directors and local primate project Coordinators to help maintain and improve the scientific integrity, relevance and impact of our primate research. This will include ensuring the quality of data collected by yourself and our Coordinators and other personnel; collecting, analysing and reporting upon data as required; and training, supervising and generally supporting Coordinators, plus local and international Research Assistants, Interns, visiting students and/or volunteers working on our primate projects. The position involves both field and office duties, with the balance between these dependent upon the needs of the project at the time.

We are looking for a primatologist, with a scientific mind and aptitude, excellent coordination and management skills, primate field research experience and experience of training (local) people in this, and a dedication to wildlife conservation. The candidate needs to be flexible, patient, amicable (good social skills), well organized, a good communicator, and physically and mentally fit.  Applicants must also have the ability to cope well under stress and to readily master new skills.

Detail requirements: Please download the detail requirements here

Reports toSebangau Programme Manager and BNF Field Director

Application deadline:

August 26th 2019 (references can be received up to 30th August 2019).

Interviews will be conducted at the end of August 2019, with short-listed candidates notified of exact dates in due course. The post is anticipated to begin in October 2019.

How to apply:

Please apply to