Hello Monday – Joana Aragay

Hello Monday Blog

Hi, I’m Joana Aragay from Barcelona. Having spent one year working as a communications manager, volunteer coordinator and accounts manager with OuTrop in 2011-12,  I am now back in Sabangau carrying out research as a Biodiversity Scientist and as part of the Education Team.  The aim of this job is to increase awareness of our research and conservation activities among people from local communities. I am a Biologist specializing in Marine Biology and for the last 3 years I have been working on seaweed genetics at the Barcelona Botanical Institute and Barcelona University.  During my professional career I have worked on several education and science communication projects in museums in Barcelona (Botanical museum, Zoological museum and Paleontological museum) designing and implementing various educational activities. I am now ready to start this new adventure with OuTrop in the Bornean rainforest.
As a biodiversity scientist I am working with a great team conducting all kinds of different surveys such as butterflies, litterfall, vegetation plots, frogs and spiders. Soon we will start turtle and fish surveys in the river as well. I’m a wildlife enthusiast, and being part of the biodiversity team is a great opportunity and privilege!
We are also developing a False Gharial project, performing surveys along Sabangau river. Although our pilot surveys have not produced any sightings, there are many amazing stories from local villages about crocodiles that encourage us to keep searching. Every day is a new adventure, amazing things waiting to be discovered in this special forest.
I can’t wait to start the new adventures!