World Wildlife Day 2016: The future of wildlife is in our hands!


Here in the rainforests of Borneo, every day is a wildlife day, as these forests teem with wildlife. Our data from Sabangau indicates that this forest is home to at least 68 mammal, 167 bird and 218 tree species. This includes the world’s largest population of both the Bornean orangutan and southern Bornean gibbon. Sadly, we don’t have elephants in Central Kalimantan, which are the theme of this day, although they are found in other parts of Borneo.

Unfortunately, we are also reminded on a daily basis about the threats wildlife faces. Each day, news stories report on new observations of forest loss, fires, new concessions being granted for forest conversion, and wildlife killing and trade. The impact that forest degradation, peat drainage and mis-management has on wildlife was starkly illustrated through Borneo’s devastating forest fires towards the end of last year. And animals, including such incredible species as the orangutan and pangolins, continue to be killed directly in large numbers each year through conflict killings and bushmeat hunting.

Bornean orangutan. Photo by Erik Frank/OuTrop

We can all make a difference to this and help conserve the amazing wildlife found in Borneo and across the planet. This is why we are pleased to join with the UN and our partners, GRASP, to raise awareness of these issues on World Wildlife Day. There are many ways that you can help celebrate and raise awareness on this day, and that you can help contribute towards protecting wildlife every day. A few examples are given here.

In particular, you can help promote the day and the importance of our guardianship of the world’s wildlife through sharing this blog and our social media posts, and joining in with the World Wildlife Day thunderclap on social media. Have fun!!!