The elusive bay cat – new sightings

Camera Trap Blog

Following on from our big Kalimantan-wide camera trapping surveys from 2012-2014 we have a new publication out presenting new data on the endemic and elusive bay cat.
This cat has never been found in Sabangau but we have found it in other forests and added new information about this cats range and behaviour.
We added two new locations to the global knowledge about bay cats. Bay cats were found even in disturbed forest and away from water. Four of the five photos were taken during the day.
Bay cat from Wehea Protection Forest (C) Brent Loken/ ICON
This may not seem like much but all information about the bay cat is new and exciting. Thank you to our colleagues at ICON for their contributions to this paper.
In September 2015, thanks to funding from the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquaria Holly Reed Conservation Fund, we will be investigating Sabangau in more detail to specifically look for the bay cat.

The paper is available from the IUCN Cat Specialist group:

Wiwit J. Sastramidjaja, Susan M Cheyne, Brent Loken and David W. Macdonald (2015) The bay cat in Kalimantan, new information from recent sightings. Cat News 62