Camera Traps – best of July 2015

Camera Trap Blog

July has revealed another good selection of wildlife photos and videos from our camera trap project. We have several great images of our clouded leopards, a large male orangutan and sun bear.

Clouded leopard

Clouded leopard

As you can see, the animals like to use our boardwalks to get around the jungle – just like us! They certainly know these planks are the path of least resistance for moving around.

Adult male orangutan
Sun bear

We are delighted to announce that new camera traps will be delivered to the Sabangau Forest next month. We will use these cameras to focus on Sabangau’s smaller cats (marbled cat, leopard cat and flat-headed cat), and other animals with small home ranges compared to the larger mammals we usually capture, like sun bears and clouded leopards. Stay in touch with us for the results of this exciting project! We thank the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium Holly Reed Conservation Fund for making this new project possible.

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel to see the best of video footage from our camera trap project.

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