Best of the Best: Camera traps from May 2015

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Orangutans, the man of the trees, actually spend a lot more time on the ground than previously thought. This month, despite the continued flooded state of the forest, we have several orangutans taking to the ground to move around the swamp.

A male orangutan travels through the swamp. Photo by OuTrop

A study investigating how often orangutans come to the ground was published last year with data from 7 different sites across Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo, including the Sabangau Forest. We are delighted to be able to show you a video of an orangutan travelling on the ground.

Spooky! An orangutan stares into our tree canopy camera trap! Photo by OuTrop

We also have a video of one of our resident male clouded leopards, scanning the forest, as well as a short-tailed mongoose scampering on the boardwalks, a cheeky video of pig-tailed macaques and a photo of a sun bear avoiding the water.

We captured some exciting footage during May so check out OuTrop’s Flickr account to see the full selection of ‘Best of May 2015’ here.

A resident male clouded leopard. Photo by OuTrop

We are thrilled to share with you that we have received funding from the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium Holly Reed Conservation Fund to replace some of our broken cameras so we will be able to bring you even more images and news from the camera traps in the coming months.

A big thank you to the Clouded Leopard Project, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and Fresno Chaffee Zoo for supporting this project.