Laura D’Arcy

Laura DArcy picIn 1999, Laura returned to Indonesia after having undertaken an assessment of wildlife trade and the implementation of CITES in Indonesia, with WWF in 1997. She met Helen Morrogh-Bernard and Simon Husson at Manchester Metropolitan University, and they undertook an expedition to the Sabangau in 1999, to investigate the effects of the massive peatland fires of 1997 on the biodiversity and forest of the Sebangau. She undertook a study to determine the impacts of logging and fire disturbance on tropical peat-swamp forests for her Master’s degree in Conservation Biology. Laura returned to Sebangau in 2001 to work with Simon and Helen to establish the OuTrop Volunteer Programme and develop OuTrop forestry research portfolio.

Currently, Laura is the Asia Conservation Development Manager for the Zoological Society of London, having previously held the position of Country Manager for ZSL’s Indonesia Programme for 5 years until 2015. Laura is also a qualified teacher, has completed the Wilderness Training Far from Help (Parts 1 & 2) course and holds an OCR Qualification in Off-Site Safety Management. She is a member of the British Mountaineering Council and has completed the Mountain Leaders Training (summer) course. Laura is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and sits on the Council. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Sociey. Laura’s research interests range from wildlife conservation, and forest protection and management, to sustainable financing (such as REDD+) and management of natural resources.

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