Dr Mark E. Harrison

Mark Harrison (19) - Sabangau - Andrew Walmsley - 2012Mark joined us in 2003 to help Helen Morrogh-Bernard during the very first stages of  OuTrop’s Orangutan Behaviour Research Project. After working for a year to habituate the orangutans, collect data and train our Indonesian staffs, he started his own PhD at the Wildlife Research Group, University of Cambridge. This involved an intensive period of field research from 2005-2007, studying orangutan feeding ecology in Sebangau. Following the completion of his PhD in 2009, he assumed the main responsibility for developing and coordinating our applied ecological research. Here, he aims to understand the causes of variations within tropical forests over space and time, the role of human activities in causing this, and how conservation interventions can be targeted to reduce negative impacts of these activities.

Mark was appointed to our advisory board in 2012 and is an Honorary Visiting Fellow and Tutor at the University of Leicester. He is a Chartered Biologist with the Royal Society of Biology, Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group-Great Ape Section and sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Orangutan Land Trust.

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