Dr Helen Morrogh-Bernard

15, Helen, 2014 (photo Matt Adam Williams)_editedHelen began her research in the Sebangau Forest in July 1995 with the University of Nottingham. She went on to establish OuTrop in 1999; followed by founding the Orangutan Behaviour Research Project in 2003. With a small and dedicated research team, Helen habituated 25 orangutans and started to collect data on their behavioural ecology. She completed her PhD at the Wildlife Research Group, University of Cambridge, in 2009 whilst continuing to coordinate the behaviour research in Sabangau. Now, a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of Exeter in Falmouth, and collaborating with many other scientists and research institutions. Helen has made a significant contribution to our understanding of one of mankind’s closest relatives.

Her current research focuses on orangutan social networks and implications for culture, reproduction, dispersal, dominance and ranging behaviour, whilst also advising on Borneo Nature Foundation’s forest restoration, peatland rehabilitation and education programmes.

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