Bernat Ripoll Capilla

BerniAfter a year of primate research in South America, Bernat first came to the Sebangau Forest to study and coordinate OuTrop‘s Gibbon Behaviour Project in 2007. Since then he has been involved in developing and contributing towards the research activities in Sebangau. After his MSc on Primate Research and Conservation at the University of Barcelona in 2011, he became the OuTrop Research Team Leader and afterwards the Project Manager. He moved from a primate specific background towards other research and project management activities. At OuTrop, his career evolved towards a holistic conservation approach; mixing applied research, local capacity building and habitat restoration.

Currently, he is pushing forward habitat protection, the local research collaborations and supervising the conservation research field activities. Bernat’s interests range from conservation activities implementation linked to community development, to ecology, anthropology and wildlife photography.

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